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Round of 4 status reached in competitions

By Lidanel Molenaar | 09 Oct, 2016
Round of 4 status reached in competitions

The first and the second division of the Liga MCB arrived at the Best of 4 stage.  In the First Division, Jong Holland, RKVS Scherpenheuvel, Centro Dominguito and Centro Barber will play in this Buelta di 4 to decide who will play in the Finals of 2016. For the first time since their promotion last season, RKVS Scherpenheuvel will participate in this round and as above picture demonstrates, they are mighty content with that fact. When Round 3 of the Caribbean Cup is completed and all players are available again, matches in the Roundof 4 of the First Division will be continued.  

In the Second Division, CH MAhuma, CVV Willemstad, Atomic and Indekor will play in the Best of 4 round. The Final of the Second Division will be played on October 20. Matches against the degradation candidate of the First Division, Jong Colombia, will be played on November 3 and November 7.