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Scherpenheuvel wins big in 2016 football prizes

By Lidanel Molenaar | 15 Jan, 2017
 Scherpenheuvel wins big in 2016 football prizes

In a festive atmosphere the winners of the annual football awards were presented at FFK last week. Nicolas Rocha Gomez of Scherpenheuvel was elected footballer of 2016, Kenneth Bernabela of Scherpenheuvel as coach of  2016. Scherpenheuvel played its second season in the first Division of the Liga MCB and became sub-champion. This great performance was awarded with the title team of the year. Prime minister Hensley Koeiman and national coach Remko Bicentini presented some of the prizes.

The winners in the different categories
Club Manager  of the year
3rd Division: Engelmar Marceli
2nd Division: Ruthlin Schmidt 
1st Division: Leo Davelaar

Coach of the year
3rd Division: Frank Lichtenberg (CD Sta Rosa)
2nd Division: Jeroen Sprik (IW)
1st Division: Kenneth Bernabela (Scherpenheuvel)

Referee of the year Sam Hye

Fair Play Cup
Dames : Inter Willemstad a2nd Hubentud Fortuna
3rd Division: Buena Vista
2nd Division: Inter Willemstad
1st Division: CSD Barber           

Team of the year
Dames : Hubentud Fortuna
3rd Division: CD Sta. Rosa
2nd Division: Inter Willemstad 
1st Division: Scherpenheuvel            

Newcomer of the year: Dean Lourensz (CSD Barber)

Keeper of the year
Dames : Ruthvienca Pietersz (Hubentud Fortuna)
3rd Division: Wengsly Jennie (CD Sta. Rosa)
2nd Division: Candrick Balochie (CHM)
1st Division: Jarzinho Pieter (Centro Dominguito) 

Striker of the year 
Dames : Samantha Statie (Hubentud Fortuna)
3rd Division: William Aarango Herna2ndez (CIU)
2nd Division: Arturo Torres (IW)
1st Division: Jurensley Martina (CSD Barber)  

Footballer of the year: Nicolas Rocha Gomez (Scherpenheuvel)